tekFoundation Operations Lead - Sydney

tekFinder is seeking a Full Time tekFoundation Operations Lead in Sydney (hybrid office)
tekFoundation is a small not for profit initiative currently run by tekFinder that offers free recruitment services for charitable organisations around Australia looking for tech talent. We are seeking a full time Operations Lead to help expand tekFoundation’s impact and level of service by supporting more charities with their technology needs.
Throughout the week you will be working on any number of activities including:
  • Conducting business development activities aiming to connect with various not-for-profit organisations, volunteers, and corporate partners across New South Wales and Australia to promote the tekFoundation and its mission.
  • Scheduling and leading meetings with not for profit key stakeholders (e.g. CEO, GM, COO) to learn and discuss operational procedures, challenges and how they might relate to technology and resourcing gaps.
  • Collecting and analysing information and documentation on staffing breakdown and primarily discusses the IT roles and responsibilities spread across full time, part time, and volunteer staff.
  • Reviewing the systems and technical infrastructure in question with stakeholders to understand who uses them, how they were set up and how they are being maintained.
  • Discussing any shortcomings raised or observed with the systems and processes in question.
  • Supporting and motivating the creation of goals and ideas to continue furthering the mission of the not-for-profit while also using resources effectively.
  • Determining with the not-for-profit how to best create job functions and define the skill sets required in order to address gaps and fulfill operational goals. Examples of skills may include (marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, web development, social media, UX design, video editing, tech stack consulting)
  • Drafting documentation to be approved by the client (not-for-profit) that covers proposed job functions the volunteers will have, outlines their roles and responsibilities, and reviews how the new/revised resource and structure will address the needs of the organisation.
  • Utilising your networks, events and recruiting tools to recruit volunteers to join the organisation in support of the proposal; and connecting volunteers with the organisation, briefing all parties on the strategy for addressing the operational gaps and goals.
  • Following up with clients and volunteers for updates to understand how the proposed project is progressing and how else the tekFoundation can be supportive.
  • Working to resolve any issues in the event of a deviation from the planned support the volunteer was to provide or other unforeseen circumstance.
  • Maintaining tekFoundation social media accounts and taking photo/video to document tekFoundation activities.
We are looking for the following experience:
  • Excellent stakeholder management experience building and maintaining relationships with all levels within a company including C-suite
  • Understands and empathises with change management practices - can understand and communicate the impact changes in technology will have on client
  • Experience with documenting business processes in detail as they relate to resourcing needs and filling organisational gaps.
  • Experience advising clients on recommended approaches based on client needs, goals and pain points.
  • Experience being self motivated & working autonomously to effectively prioritise and manage competing tasks, reporting up to the CEO.
  • Experience presenting, reporting and pitching in front of team, stakeholders, potential clients and strategic partners in meetings and at public events.
  • Recruitment experience not required but helpful
  • Social Media experience not required but helpful
Skills Required For Success In This Position
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Recruitment
  • Project Management
  • Analytical Skills
  • Professional Communication
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Documentation Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • LinkedIn, Hubspot, JobAdder, GoogleDocs, MS 365
Qualification Required
  • Relevant bachelor’s degree in Business or related
 Salary Range - $75k-$85k + Super
tekFoundation Operations Lead - Sydney
Permanent / Full Time
Product / Sydney