Frustrated with coding challenges? Take a read of this..

I’m seeing more and more software engineers frustrated with recruiters asking them to do coding exercises – asking why they should do them when their CV goes back 15-20 years. I get it – seems OTT sometimes. It’s not the recruiter asking you to complete it – it’s their client. If we had it our […]

Dealing with 2 job offers at once? Stressed? Don’t know what to do? Read this.

Received one or more job offers at once? Don’t feel confident on how to best deal with it? Recruiters bullying you to accept theirs? This might help. The market in Sydney at the moment (and probably elsewhere) for tech is great – most software engineers I’m getting offers for, or talking to in general, seem […]

How to resign properly, leave on good terms and not feel too awkward!

If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re looking to leave your current role or you are mid-way through the process (receiving an offer/about to resign). Resigning can be a tricky situation to manage and get a bit messy if you’re not in control, especially if you’ve been in a company a long time and […]

A non-corporate guide on how to prepare for an interview

Ive had countless chats recently with candidates who, despite being very smart, seem to struggle to nail an interview. I thought I’d write my thoughts/experiences on perhaps some of the stuff I couldn’t seem to find online. One of the issues is that most people have been to a heap of interviews in their time, […]

Recruitment; Productivity… not Activity!

Having been in recruitment for nine years now and worked in four different businesses both in the UK and Australia, I’m confident in saying I’ve seen my fair share of how various firms incentivise their staff. And it still baffles me how recruitment agency managers and owners feel the need to target consultants by activity […]