What is a tech recruiter?
Someone who works to match qualified candidates with appropriate IT (information technology) and digital roles.
What makes a good tech recruiter?
Asking questions, building relationships and putting the right people forward for roles. The key is understanding the specific requirements of a role and the culture of the company and identifying the ideal candidates best placed to deliver to those requirements.
How is tech recruiting different?
It’s essential that recruiters have a good level of technical and digital knowledge so they have a clear understanding of a client’s requirements and of a candidates experience, skills and achievements.
What does tekFinder know about technical recruitment?
Quite a lot actually. We are well respected in the tech community with a great reputation for delivery. It means we’re always busy and don’t need to be pre-occupied with business development. We grow organically - through word of mouth.
Can I become a technical recruiter with no experience?
It can be done! As long as you have a passion for people and an enquiring mind. At tekFinder you’d be working with a supportive team who are looking after clients and candidates ethically and will help you earn respect and trust from the candidate community and our clients. Working as a talent scout can be a great way to get to know the industry.
Is recruiting a good career?
Yes. If you like helping people and solving problems, it’s great! Every day is different. And there’s so much going on in the tech space. Plus you get to see people you placed go on to do great things in awesome companies.
Is recruiting easy?
No it’s not. Be prepared to work hard. But if you’re working at a good recruitment company, you’ll have plenty of people to help support you and train you. In the right place with the right culture it can be a lot of fun and also quite rewarding, financially and emotionally.