Well Networked & Technical

We’re friends with a lot of our clients and candidates because of the way we treat people. We understand technology & the role it plays for our clients. We spend time on-site, understanding projects and relay that to our candidates in detail.

Candidate & Client Care Program

We carry out thorough post-placement reviews with placed candidates at their 1st, 2nd & 3rd month, ensuring everyone is happy, answering any questions, ironing out issues and providing additional support to everyone.

No Pushy Sales Tactics or Hidden Information

Ever spoken to a recruiter who couldn’t tell you a company name, salary range or candidate name? We promise you that wasn’t us. We try to be as open & honest as possible, with everyone we deal with.


We are regulars at local meetups and often attend networking & industry events. Many of our clients and candidates are personal friends and we strongly believe that it’s important to be part of the tech eco-system.

The current areas we recruit in are;

Software Engineers;

DevOps; Continuous Integration/Deployment Leads/MicroServices

Front End Developers;
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • UI / UX

QA & Test Analysts

Digital Project and Product Management

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