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Who are tekfinder? tekfinder are a Sydney based technology recruitment agency that connect tech and digital technology specialists with innovative companies and outstanding opportunities.

What is tekFoundation? tekFoundation is an initiative from tekFinder, that aims to connect NSW based charities, youth clubs and other not-for-profits with tech professionals that can portion some of their skills & expertise for free.

How did this come about? In 2021, we were approached by a charity in Sydney’s eastern suburbs who needed 2 senior software engineers. As a Not-For-Profit, the salaries they were offering were way below market rate and they couldn’t afford typical recruitment fees either. This got us thinking..

Why is tekFoundation important? Many charities and community groups in Australia work extremely hard to support vulnerable people who need help, however their prehistoric websites & legacy systems let them down.

We all know how much a fresh looking, speedy website or cool looking mobile app can help out a business in this digital age and some free time in the form of coding, general advice or an overhaul from someone technically gifted could really help them out.

Maybe you’re a technologist thats thought about donating cash to a charity but have never got round to it? Well, why not donate some of your time and skills instead?

So whats next? Maybe you’re a software developer or designer that can spend a few hours a week coding for a charity of your choice? Or maybe you’re an advisory level CTO who can offer higher level guidance on a local school or colleges website to move them in the right direction?

Either way, see the forms below to either sign up as a volunteer or a business that needs volunteers!

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